Will your Resume Flop ?

Your resume is the grand opening for your professional career, and making sure that it won’t flop is vital for landing that dream job you’ve been working so hard towards for so long. A resume is not just a list of all the jobs you’ve had so far, it is a letter of recommendation from yourself to yourself.

More often than not, resumes are cast aside for being boring or too long, and excellent professionals are missing out on great opportunities because they don’t know how to put together an attractive one.

One of the first and most important signs that your resume is going to flop is the presence of grammar or spelling mistakes. A misspelled word or poorly constructed sentence tells hiring managers that you don’t even master the basic skills of reading and writing, a BIG MUST in any job.

If your resume is just a long list of tasks that you’ve done in every job, it will read like a very boring to – do list and no one will give it a second glace. Especially if it’s more than two pages long. Ideally, a resume highlights the most important achievements in your career, in short, to – the – point sentences that catch the attention of the hiring crew and lead them to notice your abilities and experience.

Unless you’ve been working in the same company for 25 years, there is no need to put each and every single one of your tasks, dating back to 1998 when you were in the preschool Christmas show. Choose the most important and outstanding job experiences, especially if they’re recent. Companies want to know that the people they hire have fresh and up to date experience in what they do. This means that unexplained gaps in your job experiences will raise questions about stability and your ability to keep a job.