The first step in applying for a new job is seeking out opportunities and send in your résumé. This short piece of paper, or electronic document is the first impression you make on hiring managers, and will define if you get called to an interview or not. If your résumé stands out enough to merit a call for an interview, then the meeting between you and the hiring team will need to answer to any expectations they may have based on the résumé.

So, while a résumé may be key to getting an interview, once given the opportunity to audition, you must perform to impress. The interview is definitely the moment to shine, because it’s your chance to show yourself, not through a piece of paper, but in person, making a much more lasting impression with your personality.

This means that you have to know how to play to your strengths. Coming in and reciting a list of abilities or experiences will not be enough. You must communicate to the hiring team that, not only do they need your knowledge and expertise, they also need your personality, charisma and exceptional character and a plus to their company.

It’s important that they see the person underneath the professional.  Good posture, a strong handshake and a smile can go a long way during an interview. Don’t be afraid to show that that you’re confident in yourself and your personal and professional abilities. Hiring managers often have experience in reading people, and will be able to see at a distance if you are insecure, lying or doubting yourself. It’s normal to be nervous, everyone is nervous during a job interview, but letting your personality shine through despite this will open many doors for you.