Will a Career Change mean i need to go back to school?

Normally, people choose a career path during their years in college. Those three or four initial years of a bachelor degree allow you to dabble in different interests until you find what you’re really passionate about, and head down that path towards fulfilling your career goals.

But, more often than not, right in the middle of a successful career, people experience a change of interest. This may for a number of reasons, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Life choices aren’t set in stone, and it’s ok to want to change from marketing to design, or from business to engineering. Some changes are, of course, subtler than others, but getting a degree in literature doesn’t mean that you can never decide to do anything different later in life.

A change of career doesn’t necessarily mean going back to school for a full four – year period, but it may mean a little updating of your technical knowledge or skills in a certain area. It also depends on how drastic your change of interest is. If you have a background in graphic design, and suddenly decide you want to be a doctor, (not unheard of by the way), then you will definitely need to go back to school and start from square one, because it is a 180° change in careers.

But more often than not, these life changes are a lot more delicate, and are often led by the person’s own interests or hobbies, meaning that they already have some background or knowledge in the area that they are interested in trying out, even if it is at an amateur level. This means that going back to school isn’t strictly necessary, but a few refresher courses wouldn’t go amiss.