Tips for Acing the Interview

When applying for a job, the most important part is always the interview. A good interview will most likely lead to getting the job, while a bad interview will most likely be a flop and will end up costing you the job. Here are some tips for acing the interview and making sure that you get your dream job:

1. Be on time

Getting to the interview on time is the most important part in giving a good first impression upon your interviewer. Not only will it show that you actually care about this job, but it will also prove that you are responsible and good at managing your time. Make sure that you leave with plenty of time and arrive at least 15 minutes early. Take into account the traffic and the directions for getting to the company.

2. Ask questions

One thing that interviewers don’t like is when candidates don’t ask questions. Asking questions shows that you are taking initiative and that you are passionate about this job. It will also show that you are willing to learn more and to absorb as much knowledge as possible.

3. Send a thank you note

This is a necessity! Sending a thank you note or email to interviewers will not only show that you’re courteous, but it will also show that you’re not awkward. This is a nice and respectful way to show how much you enjoyed the interview.

4. Pick three points

Picking three points and sticking to them will ensure that you have something to talk about. The worst thing that can happen during an interview is to forget your goals and have nothing to say. When you have three points, you’ll constantly have something to talk about.

5. Pregame

Before you go into your interview, the best way to calm down is to not worry about the situation. Read a book or look at a magazine in order to keep yourself busy. Read a book about how people overcame their struggles and managed to win over the obstacles that they faced. Become motivated instead of worried and success will be right ahead.

6. Color

When wearing something to the interview, make sure that you wear the right clothing with the right color. Different colors will portray different images. For example, gray shows that you are logical and analytical, while white shows that you are organized. Brown shows that you are dependable, while red shows that you have power. Green, yellow, orange, and purple show that you are creative, although it is not recommended to wear such flashy colors. The most recommended colors are either black or blue, since they show teamwork and leadership.

7. Common

Find something in common that you have with the interviewer. People tend to be attracted to each other when they share similar attitudes or similarities. Make sure that you find a common point that you can both talk about and that will make sure that you get more comfortable with your interviewer.