Every fresh – faced graduate has a dream job that they want to achieve, and most have a set plan, with defined milestones and a clear path to follow to actually get to where they want to be. Some even have a clear heading since highschool, it’s not uncommon to hear 15 – year – old’s stating boldly that they know they want to be doctors or journalists.

Having a set path is great, a life plan is a great way to keep track of your goals, your successes and even your failures, so that you can regroup and try again. Obviously, only those with fair god mothers actually step out of college right into their dream job. Most people have to go through a series of hoop – jumping experiences before they can actually aspire to the big winner.

But how to choose the right job experiences? The key is to have a clear goal. Knowing where you want to go will help you define how to get there. If your dream is to become a ballerina, then interning as a journalist may not be the right choice for you.

You also need to know that you will need to pay your dues and do some grunt work. This means some fast – food serving during summer vacations while still in college, coffee runs for your boss during your first post – graduate job, and a lot of smiling and nodding. Just know that this too shall pass. No matter where you’re working, look for positions that will let you show your leadership skills, allow you to be creative and bring new ideas to the table, propose change, and show that unique side of you that sets you apart from others in any environment.