How can I Best Impress My Interviewer

This is definitely a question that anyone and everyone applying for a job has asked themselves in the mirror before walking out the door. No one wants to flop an interview, and walking in prepared mentally and emotionally will help you keep your cool during the process.
First, make sure that the information in your résumé is true and clear. Your interviewer will probably have it in their hand and ask you questions based on what you wrote, so any confusion or discrepancy will automatically make the interviewer doubt the veracity of the information and this will translate into distrust of your character.
Be on time, preferably 5 to 10 minutes early, and look your best. Walking in to an interview late, out breath or looking windswept is not the best way to impress the person that will decide if they hire you or not. Make sure that you dress appropriately, are clean, neat and tidy. Some hiring managers will look at even the smallest detail, so scuffed shoes, a missing button, too much cleavage or stains on your shirt might mean a closed door. In an interview, appearances are very important.
Don’t interrupt your interviewer or try to tell them what’s wrong with their company. Confidence is important, but self – importance and pedantry is a big turn off for hiring managers. They’re not looking for someone to save their company, they do have a specific profile to fill, but are definitely holding out for a team player.
Be honest, agreeing with everything your interviewer says will only succeed in shortening the interview and getting you sent packing. If the interviewer asks you for your opinion, be sincere and open about what you think. Giving eloquent, simple but honest answers will definitely be better than a stuffy and fake response.