Does Applying for a New Job Put My Current Job at Risk

It’s not uncommon or at all wrong to look for a new job, while currently employed somewhere else. There is a myriad of reasons that someone may want to leave the position they are in and look somewhere else. New challenges, a career change, personal conflicts with co – workers, etc. All of these are legitimate reasons to seek a new path.

When sending out résumés, your normally state if you are currently employed or not, and if you are able to give recommendations upon request. This means that the hiring manager may show some curiosity as to your current situation, and the professional thing to do would be to ask you for the contacts of people who are willing to recommend you, and definitely ask for your permission before contacting your boss.

Obviously, this doesn’t always happen. Some people have found themselves in the sticky position of having to explain certain phone calls to their boss, who previously had no idea that their employee was not exactly feeling the “team player” slogan. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your current job is at risk. It depends on the relationship that you have with your current boss, and the way you handle the news that you’re looking for new opportunities.

It is important that during the whole job – seeking process, you are honest and clear with interviewers and with your current boss, as to what your expectations and situation is, in order to avoid uncomfortable and awkward conversations. Lying is a very reliable way of getting rejected by a new company and simultaneously getting fired from your current company.

Feeling the waters is vital to keeping your job. Most bosses want to make sure that their employees are team players, that they are reliable and can be counted on during the tough times, as well as the good. If your boss opens the space for confident and safe communication, go ahead and share with him or her your reasons and hopes for looking for a new job.