In today’s world, finding a job when you’re fresh out of college can seem like a daunting task, and not everyone is having success in transitioning straight from the classroom to the office without some lull in their employment.

Because the world is constantly changing, there is a constant need for college graduates to be up to date with the latest technology and know – how in their area of expertise to be able to compete with what the job market expects.

Although knowing everything there is to know about everything may seem like the modern – day graduates dream solution, there is really only a handful of skill that you need to be able to enter the job market, and they don’t necessarily need to be learned in a classroom. Hiring managers don’t actually look at the 20 or so classes that you took in college to determine if you deserve a job or not, they don’t call your school and ask for the syllabus of each and every subject you learned or even ask for your G.P.A.

What they are really interested in is your ability to adapt to a fast – paced, ever – changing market, where new knowledge is being spewed out constantly and the dynamics of business are different each day. Skill in communications, marketing, social media, sales and business are key to ensuring any and all jobs, not just the ones directly related to these areas.

Now a days, a graphic designer needs to have basic communications and sales skills to be able to compete with other contenders for a job, because companies love to hire people that prove themselves flexible, quick learners and multi – taskers.