Summer internships are an age – old tradition for highschool or college students who wish to fatten up their résumés with a little work experience that may later lend a helping hand when applying for a more permanent job. They allow a student to immerse him or herself in a professional environment similar to what they aspire to once their studies are finished, and have a little hands – on experience of what working in their field of interest is really like. They also have access to valuable information that is simply not taught in classrooms, and will have to face real problems, and come up with real solutions.

Summer internships are just that, temporary, for the summer. But this doesn’t mean they can’t turn into something more permanent. Most students leave their summer internships because once school starts, the academic workload and responsibilities of college mean that they simply cannot work full time and study full time simultaneously. There is also the fact that most companies don’t actually pay interns, or can only afford them for short periods of time for very low wages.

But there are also those summer internships in some exclusive and very elite companies, that are extremely coveted jobs because of the opportunities they present in terms of contacts, experiences, status and professional growth. This means that interns will do almost anything to be offered a more permanent role. Sometimes this possibility is mentioned at the beginning of the internship – if you do this right we might offer you a “real job here – sort of thing, but sometimes it’s implied, but never mentioned. Hinted at almost. Many times, it’s not even considered until a special intern comes along that absolutely blows everyone’s mind away with their creativity, excellence and unique personal traits that make him or her a “must have” for this company. This level of excellence is, obviously what all interns must strive for whether a permanent position is possible or not.